best garment bike pannier bag for commuters

Best Convertible Garment Pannier Bike Bag For Professionals Who Commute

If you’re looking for the perfect commuter bike bag that can carry your clothes, a laptop and more, I have the ideal garment pannier bike bag for you—made for professionals

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featured image for useful VPN tips, tricks and hacks

Really Useful Tips, Tricks, Hacks & Things You Can Do With A VPN

If you thought a VPN was only good for protecting your personal information against hackers, think again. From accessing geo-restricted websites while travelling abroad to getting better prices on plane

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FB here's why you can't watch streaming websites like Hulu outside of the USA

Can’t Watch Streaming Websites Like Hulu Outside The USA? Here’s Why

Instagram in China?  Hulu in France?! Pandora outside of the USA? pffft! If you live in the US, you probably take for granted the fact that you can watch streaming

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feature image: Alternative streaming video sites with apps similar to Netflix

Alternative Streaming Sites With Apps Similar To Netflix- Free & Paid

Whether you’re looking for alternative streaming movie sites similar to Netflix and Hulu, or want to increase your movie and TV choices, here are several alternative streaming platforms to choose

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Feature photo for French texting for facebook, phone and email

20 Useful French Texting Abbreviations For Messaging, Facebook & Email

Let’s face it, texting or using text message abbreviations like LOL or ROLF to communicate is no longer restricted to totally cool hipster adults or tweens anymore. Even in France.

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travel with a tablet

Should You Bring Your Tablet On Vacation? 10 Reasons My Tablet Is Indispensable When I Travel.

Can a tablet be a useful travel device to bring on your next vacation or road trip? YES! A tablet is not only a fun and entertaining gadget BUT it can also be

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