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25 Fabulous French Tattoos: ideas for men and women

French tattoos: french pigeon with Eiffel tower

When you think of France what comes to mind? The Eiffel tower? A French baguette? Perhaps something less obvious like a sprig of lavender or a painting by Dégas? Whatever images your mind conjures up when you think of France, they can easily be captured in a French inspired tattoo. Here are over 25 photos of French themed tattoos to get your juices flowing.

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How To Get Married In Scotland or Elope: A Destination Wedding Guide For Foreigners

how we got married in scotland

Usually when I tell people that my husband and I eloped to Scotland, there is a short pause……. followed by  “Wow!” followed by “Why?” and maybe even a “How did you manage that?” Since I already explained why we eloped to Scotland here, I thought I would explain exactly HOW we did it. How to get […]

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How To Elope Or Get Married In Australia: A Destination Wedding Guide For Foreigners

get married in australia a guide for foreigners

Today I want to highlight yet another reason for you to take time off from your busy life to travel. Not that you need one! That reasons is called  LOVE………..In this post, you will get a high level view of everything you need to know to tie the knot in Australia, from the why to the […]

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