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Our Trip To Spain: 7 Tips For Families Who Want To Visit Barcelona On A Budget Without Stressing Out:

Whether you’re a British family looking for a Spanish Holiday or an American couple looking for tips to reduce stress on an inexpensive European vacation, below are some things we did that will help anyone who wants to visit Barcelona on a budget. What do you do when you live in France and your kids have […]

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3 Popular Vacation Spots Where You Can Find Affordable Short Term Housing Rentals

If you have ever dreamed of spending 2 weeks or more exploring some place new but thought you couldn’t afford the cost of a hotel and lodging think again. I have a guest post from Ken Meyers who shows you just how affordable housing can be even in popular tourist spots. Perfect for the person who […]

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The Quirky Secrets Of Cyprus: 10 Fascinating Reasons You Should Visit Cyprus

What are some places you want to visit? …………………… Paris? The Pyramids of Egypt? The Grand Canyon? Maybe Hawaii? ……………………….. Those are all great places to visit but why limit yourself to JUST those tourist hotspots?  What if there were hidden gems on this earth just waiting to be discovered?  Some place warm with beautiful sandy beaches, […]

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