Never Say I Can’t Again: Kid Builds Arcade Out Of Cardboard Boxes: Cain’s Arcade

Never again say I don’t have the latest tools.
I don’t have the latest gadgets.
Never make excuses to NOT do something because of fear again.

A 9 year old kid who loves arcade games set out on an adventure to create his own arcade game. And he did it using nothing more than old cardboard boxes, tape, old toys and sheer determination.

He runs it out of the side of his dads business in East L.A. and attracted such a buzz that thousands of people responded to it on facebook and hundreds showed up to play his games.

Watch this documentary about how his cardboard arcade came to be. It is the sweetest most inspirational story i’ve heard in a long time and it brought tears to my eyes.


Here is his site share the love and share this post to spread his story.

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