5 Off The Beaten Path Weird Things To Do In Paris


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If you have a darker side to your personality, you might be interested in visiting these 5, weird things to do in Paris. They may be a bit morbid but it’s part of Paris’ history. Paris isn’t just about baguettes, cheese and romance after all.

Five Off The Beat And Track Weird Things To Do and See In Paris

1-The Catacombs of Paris

catacombs-paris: 5 weird things to do in paris

Bones bones everywhere. For less than 10 euros, you can visit “The Catacombs of Paris”.

An utterly morbid yet strangely fascinating tourist attraction where six million Parisian’s bones are piled high in what seems to be endlessly winding tunnels.

Be prepared for confined spaces, lots of steps, low hanging ceilings dripping with water and no bathrooms.  Don’t let that description detour you. It’s definitely worth a visit if you want to get a different point of view on the history of Paris. Something you will never forget.

You might want to leave the kids at home. All the scary skeletons, skulls and dark passageways might be too much for them.

Call or check to see their hours and arrive early before the line get’s too long. If they open at 10 a.m., get there at 9 or 9:30 a.m. because the line can get pretty long. I’m talking like an hour or two long.  The tour lasts for about 45 minutes.

2- Mysteries of Paris Ghost Tour (Sorry this tour seems to no longer be available)


More of a light-hearted ghost tour sprinkled with ghost stories meant to be more funny and entertaining than scary and horrifying.

For two and a half to three hours,  you’ll follow a tour guide around Paris.  Along the way, your guide will make stops and tell you interesting stories, talk about different characters and explain the history.

It’s should be ok to bring older kids but probably not appropriate for little ones.

About midway through you’ll get a bathroom break and you’ll make a few pit stops to buy some drinks which you can put in plastic cups. Yes, alcohol.



3- Pere-Lachaise Graveyard

cemetary in Paris: 5 weird things to see in parisParis’ largest and most famous graveyard and for good reason.

According to the official website of the city of Paris; to date, one million people have been buried.

What makes it famous is who is buried there. Jim Morrison’s (most famous inhabitant), Oscar Wilde, singer Édith Piaf, Frédéric Chopin the Polish composer and hundreds more famous people that you may or may not have heard of.

It’s free to enter just make sure you get a map which you can ONLY get from the front entrance off of metro stops Phillip-Auguste or Pere-Lachaise.

Trust me, you will need a map to find all the famous plots. Be prepared to spend hours just walking around and don’t forget to play with all the cemetery cats. MEOW.



les-egout-paris-sewer-tour: 5 weird things to do in paris

Ever heard of the Paris sewer system?

Located fairly close to the Eiffel Tower, this is an actual working sewer system. Yes, it smells and it sounds disgusting but the self-guided tour through a number of galleries within the sewage system is fascinating.  Information posters are provided throughout.

If you have ever wondered how sewers work than don’t miss this attraction.


5- Dans Le Noir (Restaurant)

dans le noir restaurant

Want to eat at an unforgettable restaurant? Visit “Dans Le Noir meaning “In The Dark”.

When you arrive, you will be greeted by someone who will seat you and then explain what you are about to experience.

Basically, you will eat an amazing meal in complete darkness and you will be served a surprise menu by the blind wait staff.

Don’t worry, the staff is extremely helpful, kind and speak English. They’ll also ask you in advance if you have any food aversions or allergies. The meals are all gourmet quality. No eyeballs or chicken beaks served here.

If you’ve never experienced an attraction in the dark, I highly recommend it. It’s both scary, entertaining and it will open your mind to how it feels to be blind for a day. Go with friends, it’s so much fun.

What about you

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  1. Ummm… Paris sewer system? No thanks! But I guess you did say, “Weird things to do in Paris”.

    My favorite area of Paris is Montmartre. We love it there! But I did have a guy try and sell me a friendship bracelet (yes I said friendship bracelet) and he wouldn’t get out of my face. Slightly annoying part of an otherwise awesome day in Montmartre.

  2. I had a feeling that the catacombs would be on here. When I was in Paris a year ago, I put the catacombs as one of the things I had to see. So after I hit the Louvre, Eiffel Tower and some of the other big attractions, my wife and I made our way there. You’re definitely right about getting there early. The line was so long when I went that I wasn’t sure if I’d actually get in. Luckily I got in before closing time. I have to say that it’s a fun, quirky experience to go through the catacombs. Well worth it.

    I also went the Pere Lachaise graveyard. Found Jim Morrison, Chopin, Modigliani and others. Oscar Wilde’s grave was weird because it was behind plexiglass. I’m not sure exactly why it was, but that was interesting to see.

    You’re right that Paris is more than baguettes, cheese and romance. I think if you want to get to know more about the city, you should hit some of these sights. When I go back next, I’ll have to check out the other three things on this list I didn’t get a chance to see.

  3. I can check one off my list. We did check out the catacombs…. very cool. A good way to escape the heat if you are their in the summer. The list looks like a perfect way to spend a Halloween in the states! :)

  4. Hi Annie

    Happy New Year, finally!

    I really like the idea of eating in the dark; I’d be a bit afraid of what they might serve though! I know it’s 4 star stuff but it’s just the not knowing would freak me a bit. My wife’s vegetarian though so that’s probably not going to happen!

    I’ve not been to Paris for many years. The last time I went it was in February and it was absolutely freezing. I went with a group of school kids as my wife asked me to go along on a school trip to help out. Now that was certainly an interesting experience!

  5. I’d do all of these things!!! The creepiest thing I did in Paris was visit the La Conciergerie – the prison where Marie Antoinette was kept. It was quite creepy down there in a good, atmospheric kinda way.

    1. I’ve read Marie Antoinette’s story. That would be creep to visit her prison. and sad too.

  6. I love you to death Annie but you’re weird girl!!!

    Okay, it takes a lot to scare me but I’m not going to go out of my way in order to try. The catacombs don’t sound like something I’d be interested in or a sewer for that matter. But having learned that you and Blake are into scary and gross stuff, I can see how you’d like that.

    There is no way I’m eating in the dark and I don’t know what I’m eating. Now I’m not a control freak but that doesn’t sound like a dining experience I’m eager to try. You’ll have to tell us how that went. What did you end up eating, did they ever tell you?

    Now a long time ago I went to the Bahamas and to make a long story short I got in a cab that pulled up in front of the hotel but I didn’t learn until I got in that he was off duty and picking up his wife. But he was kind enough to take me into town away fro the tourists and I had the best meal ever for about a quarter of the price. It helps to get to know some locals, it was a fun experience.


    1. Adrienne,
      You know my secret. I have a dark side. I have no idea why this side exists. Maybe we’re born with it. In the restaurant yes at the end they tell you and show you what you eat. It’s totally crazy weird because nothing tastes the same as you exect. I can’t explain it

      They don’t serve crazy brains or eye balls, it’s all four star thignsyou would order anyways, it’s just the not knowing..

  7. Annie, that might be why I just love you! I don’t like normal or goody toody type of people. I must try eating in the dark experience! I may pass on the sewer tour and wait for a video tour ;)

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