What’s the biggest hurdle?

Can’t wait until the visa book comes out?  Hire me one-on-one to help you with your “Move to France hurdles”

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Sure you could figure it out all on your own but wouldn’t it be great if someone could save you time and months of research. Someone who’s been there? Over the past 3 years I have amassed an insane amount of information regarding moving to France and surviving life in France. Now I am writing a book series on how you can do it too.

In the mean time, you can hire me to answer all your question about moving to France. just fill out the form above.

  • Get answers and gain clarity about common questions.
  • Avoid mistakes and potentially save hundreds if not thousands of dollars in the long run.

Book 1: The visa process. Undoubtedly the most complicated and confusing part of the process thanks to the infamous French bureaucracy. I’ll help you cut through the red tape and make sense of it all with first hand accounts and useful advice to common questions. A huge time saver and stress reducer. Book 2: The second, third and fourth books will be released in order and will cover.. to be revealed soon…realistic solutions to common problems; budget, housing, kids, language and more.

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