I'll teach you how to do it, what it's like
and how tobe happy once you get there. ...
Even if you're not rich or you have kids *gasp*

Meet The Family

Welcome to Practical Adventurology. A new kind of travel lifestyle site that caters to busy hardworking people who want a break from the rat race to live their dreams while travelling the world; even if you are not fearlessrich or you have kids.

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About The Family:

We are a blended family of five. I have 2 boys from a previous marriage. My husband Blake Elder and I have 1 daughter together.  Between us, we have three different last names.

We are a normal family and have our ups and downs just like any other family. You can read more about our story (coming soon) Don’t forget to read the About Page.

Meet the parents

Annie Andre Head mamma

Annie André- Head Mama

I’m the person behind Practical Adventurology.

Traveling and exploration is in my blood. I was Born in Thailand to a French Canadian Father and Thai mother and lived in Thailand until I was almost 5 years old.

I’m a pretty good cook, I cook more Asian food than I do western food. It’s healthier!

I’m a sci-fi fan, tech geek and gadget lover.

I love the DIY and craft movement and was a part of it when I ran my own life inspired sleeping mask business from my home. All handmade by me.

I love historical fiction books, Phillipa Gregory Tudor series, Pillars of the earth and James Clavel, Noble House series.

  • Lived abroad several times including Japan for 3 years
  • Traveled to over 20 countries
  • Speak French, Pigeon Chinese and Japanese but can no longer speak Thai my mother tongue.
  • In the corporate world, I used to be a web and database marketing analyst.
  • I consider myself a go-getter with many many interests and i always try to pursue them while balancing my need to be practical for the sake of my family.

Want to hire me for your biz? 

Blake Elder, Head Dada

Blake Elder- Dada

The family intellect, writer and photographer. By day he is a software QA consultant. By night he enjoys reading the classics from Homers Iliad to Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.

He’s as laid back as they get and always seems to be as calm as a cucumber which makes him the perfect partner for Annie.

He’s A dedicated husband and father and plays a mean game of hide and go seek despite the fact that he has difficulty hiding his 6 foot 4 body in tight spaces.

He has an uncanny head for facts and can recall dates and events from obscure places which makes him a trivial pursuit GOD. There’s no end to his knowledge on a wide range of topics from pop culture to ancient Greek civilization.

  • Loves his red wine
  • Speaks German and some Latin
  • Very very tall- over 6 foot 4 inches tall.
  • Lived abroad in Germany for a year where he attended the university o Heidelberg.
  • He has a memory like an elephant for facts.
  • The most level headed person you’ll ever meet

Kieran- Big Brother (updated photo coming soon- he grew)

A broody 16 year old with a sarcastic sense of humor.

Too intelligent for his own good. An avid reader and the family’s right hand man. When he gets something in his head, he pursues it with a passion and doesn’t stop until he masters it.

Like any 15 year old he likes girls, he may have an electronic video game addiction and he eats a lot. A LOT!

He’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up but whatever it is, it will no doubt be something technical or analytical.

  • He can solve a Rubik’s cube in under 2 minutes.
  • Expert Dinghy Sailor,
  • self taught at guitar & piano
  • A lot like his mum

Andre the middle child and gentle giant

Andre – The Giant

Andre’s a 14 year old with a heart of gold. We call him our gentle giant because he’s gentle and he’s always been the little kid stuck in a big kids body. That and the fact that he’s always been tall for his age.

He still loves family walks, board games, crafts and playing hide and go seek. He drives his parents crazy with his forgetfulness.

He could be considered the pied piper because little kids love him and flock to him once the get to know him. Especially his baby sister Catherine.

He thinks he wants to be a chef or pastry chef when he grows up.

  • Wants to be the next ace of cakes or Iron chef.
  • Enjoys family time.
  • Great with little kids, he’s like the pied piper.
  • He’s pretty damn good at crochet

Princess Catherine: everyone loves the baby

Catherine- Family Princess

She’s a girly tomboy. Just 5 years old, bilingual in French and English and lived in 3 countries so far.

She a tough one who loves the beaches of Nice France as much as the cold winters Quebec Canada.

If she had her way, she would wear a princess dress everyday while she romps around in a muddy creek searching for tadpoles.

For a 4 year old she has a wide range of foods she can eat from Korean KimChee and spicy dried cuttlefish to muscles in wine and shallot sauce. She does have her favourites though.

  • She loves tofu, Japanese Onigiri and seaweed past for her rice. Nutella, baguettes and crepes.
  • Her favourite color is Pink. She does not like to wear black.
  • Dances like a rock star
  • Enjoys kick boxing
  • Her favourite singer is Lady Gaga


Hope you enjoyed getting to know us.

There’s nothing uniquely different about us.

We love travel, sports, eating, crafts. We don’t watch T.V. while eating, We always sit together at diner and eat as a family. Sometimes we get sick of each other too. That’s when everyone does there own thing. Plenty of time for that.

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