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Who Is This Site For?

Hello and welcome. This site is for anyone interested in moving to France from the USA or Canada, already living in France as an expat, or someone who is simply a curious armchair traveller who dreams about taking a career break or sabbatical from life to live abroad one day.

What To Expect!

After living in the south of France with my husband and 3 children for almost 5 years (2011-present), I've amassed and documented an insane amount of knowledge, resources and information. 

I don't claim to  have all the answers but I have figured out a lot of stuff. The kind of stuff that is hard to find or that no one out there ever talks about because they are too busy sugar coating "la bell vie en France"

AnnieAndre.com aka "Let's Move To France" is my way of shaing this information with you.  What started out as a hobby blog has grown into a business, a brand and OUR FAMILY'S  story / journey of moving to France and adjusting  to life in France- all while figuring out how to raise 3 happy kids and growing our freelance careers working remotely for companies across the globe. I never expected this site to grow as much as it has because I never knew so many people out their shared my dream to experience living in France. 

  Follow along and join my journey from the very beginning.  I write weekly or monthly blog posts that will give you the tools, strategies and courage to pursue your live in France dreams!  

Most of all, I hope the information I share with you will save you time, money and a little frustration from the daunting process of trying to figure it all out yourself. 

Fasten your seat-belts cause here we go!

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Who I am!

My name is Annie André and since 2011, I have been living in the south of France with my husband Blake and our 3 children. We didn’t have a company sponsor us to come over. No one helped us make it happen. We just figured out what we had to do, and slowly our dream became a reality. It wasn’t all smooth sailing though.

A few years ago, I was right where you are now, dreaming of moving to France,  researching unanswered questions, drowning in all the information and struggling to make sense of it all. I can’t tell you how many dead-ends we hit and how many times we almost gave up. But we didn’t.

The information was all there however it was scattered, unreliable and incomplete. There was a ton of information for single backpackers but not for someone like me who was married with children, who had a house and a lifetime of possessions that comes from living a conventional life.

If only I could find the information I needed in one place. If only I could find someone who already did what I wanted to do so that I could get an idea of what it would take or be like. It suddenly dawned on me. If I was having trouble figuring out all the different steps and nuances of moving a family and a household abroad to France than surely other people were having the same challenges and headaches.

Voila this site was born.

Now after almost 5 years living in France, I have documented and amassed an insane amount of knowledge and information that no one out there ever tells. The kind of information that can save you a lot of time and frustration from this daunting process.

I created the site I wish existed

Because this site is an ongoing project, it’s continually evolving and growing. I try to address all the questions I used to have, from the idea and pre-planning stages before you move, the visa stage, all the way to living in France and dealing with everyday french life.  I use mostly my own experiences told from a North American persons perspective. On occasion, I write about random or quirky travel things too just because I can. It’s my site after all.

Why take a year off to live in France?

A year in France can give you a chance to do all the things you put off because you were too busy to do them while running on the treadmill of life. Imagine having one full year to finally have the time to write that book, learn French, become a yoga instructor, teach English, learn a new skill or anything else you can think up. 

Did you know that by taking time off from a busy life and stressful job to travel or live abroad can be life changing. Or that it can help you reboot and recharge your batteries. Kind of like how you feel after  you get a great nights sleep only 10 million times better.

I think the best part about living abroad in France is that it has given us a chance to rebuild our lives the way we want it to look rather than the way we think it is supposed to look .We use our time abroad to be closer as a family and to work on our freelancing businesses. But you could do anything you want. Whatever you do, it is sure to be unique to you and your circumstances.

If it’s so great than why only live in France or live abroad for JUST one year?

Lets face it, although moving to France might be THE DREAM, it’s not easy nor is it always possible to completely abandon your life back home forever. There are road blocks to living in France FOREVER. Like the fact that if you are not a member of the EU. This fact alone is like a massive impenitrable road block that makes it virtually impossible to find work unless you have a very specialized occupation. Maybe you don’t want to leave all your friends and family behind forever but a year or two away is doable. All you need is a little advice, courage and know how. I want to be that person to help you.

Click here to learn how we ended up in France. 

This site is NOT for you if…

This site is not for you if you are looking for advice on how to move to France or live abroad permanently.

Although many of the articles on this site will help you adjust to long term life in France (i.e. more than 6 months), I do not specifically write about how to live in abroad or in France PERMANENTLY. Rarely if ever do I write about how to find a job in France mainly because it’s really really hard to do for anyone who is not from the EU and because I have no first hand experience. I just stick to what I know best and that is teacing you how to leave your life behind TEMPORARILY and live in France, sometimes referred to as taking a career break to travel, a life sabbatical, family sabbatical, gap year or year abroad.  I use these terms throughout my site but they are all very closely related.

Me (Annie) and my husband in Paris on mini sabbatical

My previous experience living abroad

People I meet always ask me where I am from and to that I always have a hard time answering because I was what you would call a  “Third Culture Kid” aka “TCK”. 

A term used to describe children who travel more than they spend in one home country, who probably identify with other cultures or multiple cultures vs just one.

I was Born in Thailand to a Thai mother and French Canadian father and raised in 3 countries.

Over the course of my life, I’ve travelled and or  lived abroad as a child, a teenager, a young adult and now as a wife and mother of three in the south of France.

I have lived in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Canada and now France. I’ve also spent months at a time slow travelling the world, visiting places like Scotland, the Netherlands, Macau, Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines to name a few.  In total I’ve been to over 20 different countries so far. My children have been to 7 countries so far and have lived in 3 different countries.

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UPDATE: JULY 2012. Watch the video where we were featured on House Hunters International.

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family photo of us in Le Pradet France 2012

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