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Hello My Name Is Annie André.

I’m a cubicle escapee, seasoned world traveller, MOM-preneur, hireable web content manager.  and the person behind Practical Adventurology.

I’m also addicted to spicy food;  Just thought you should know.

I created this site to help people like you who want to Harness the “The Power Of Time Off  from everyday life” to travel, reboot, revive,  re-connect and rebuild your life the way you want it to look rather than the way you think it is supposed to look while exploring the world around you.

Necessity is the mother of invention

It was during the research and planning stages of our family sabbatical to live in France that I realized that there just wasn’t a lot of practical AND organized information out there for people like me.

Sure there were lots of backpacking sites for the young and care free but I had a family, a career, a house, a lifetime of possessions and all that other stuff that comes from living a conventional life.

That’s when I realized that if I had trouble figuring it all out that other people might too.

I decided to make it my mission to share my research and 20 + years of adult travel experience, resources and connections to create the site I wish existed when I was researching our own adventure.

Voila this site was born.

My greatest hope is that this site will not only show people it is possible to spend a year abroad or to travel more and for longer periods of time, but that it will act as a resource to help inspire and empower people to follow all their dreams whether it involves travelling or not. 


Practical Adventurology is “An Independent Travel and Lifestyle BLOG ” for anyone interested in escaping the rat-race to pursue your unconventional travel escape: even if you are not RICH, not FEARLESS or….. (gasp) YOU HAVE KIDS!!!

Whether you want to spend 2 weeks in Berlin, six months zig zagging the continent or a year living in France like us, here you’ll find en eclectic mix of kick butt inspiration, practical travel advice, fascinating interviews, quirky travel oddities,  resources and more.

All geared towards empowering and equipping you with the courage and tools you need to achieve your travel goals.

Me (Annie) and my husband in Paris on mini sabbatical

Born To Be A World Citizen

People I meet always ask me where I am from and to that I always have a hard time answering because I was what you would call a  “Third Culture Kid” aka “TCK”. 

A term used to describe children who travel more than they spend in one home country, who probably identify with other cultures or multiple cultures vs just one.

I was Born in Thailand to a Thai mother and French Canadian father and raised in 3 countries.

Over the course of my life, I’ve travelled and or  lived abroad as a child, a teenager, a young adult and now as a wife and mother of three in the south of France.

I have lived in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, the United States, Canada and now France. I’ve also spent months at a time slow travelling the world, visiting places like Scotland, the Netherlands, Macau, Korea, Hong Kong, the Philippines to name a few.  In total I’ve been to over 25 different countries so far.

How We Ended Up In France


Although living in France has always been a dream of ours (my husband and I), we never actually believed it was something we could achieve any time soon because we were tied to our jobs and life in California by golden handcuffs.

Then the economy took a turn and we BOTH got laid off from our jobs on the same day. After a long bout of unemployment, something clicked, (probably the sound of those golden handcuffs coming off).

That’s when we decided to take the road less travelled and do the unthinkable.

We decided to rebuild our lives the way we wanted it to look rather than the way society told us it’s supposed to look.

This entailed making plans to start fulfilling the dreams and goals we kept putting off. Living our lives to the fullest and creating sustainable incomes that supported our lives, our hearts and our family without selling our souls or sacrificing our financial future.

So we gathered up our three kids ( our then 2 teenage boys and 4 year old daughter), lived nomadically on the east coast with family for almost a year between Montreal and Maryland trying to figure out what our next steps were going to be.

Flash Forward A Few Years

We’ve been in France since 2011 and we’re enjoying all that France and Europe has to offer. But we’re not just site seeing, drinking wine and eating cheese. We’re making the most of our stay here and working our butts off accomplishing our other goals while the kids are immersed in French culture and attend public French school.

Blake has already finished his first novel. We’re both working on our freelance careers that enables us to be home with our kids and work from anywhere in the world.

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UPDATE: JULY 2012. Watch the video where we were featured on House Hunters International.

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