Video: 7 Things You Did Not Know About Me Shhh! Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award:

Annie_Berlin_ManyFaces_7 Things You didnn't know about me

Annie_Berlin_ManyFaces_at Nivea Store: 7 things you did not know about me

I am as giddy as a teenage girl nominated for prom queen today because…….. I was recently nominated for an award called the “Sisterhood of the world bloggers award”

sisterhood-blogger-awardSisterhood of the World Blogger Award.

I get to share 7 things about myself that you probably don’t know. Rather than just spout these things off, I thought I would make a fun video for you to watch.

Let me introduce myself first

If you don’t know who I am or what I do or why you are seeing this video, let me explain. My full name is Annie Andre. My mission is to empower, inspire and teach you how to take a break from the rat race to live your adventure and do what you love from anywhere in the world like I’m doing in the south of France with my husband and three kids.

Now Watch The Video and then check out my 7 nominations at the bottom of this page afterwards.

RULES: For The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award:

  1. Recipients need to thank the giver
  2. Post 7 things about yourself
  3. Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated
  4. Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog

Thank you so much:

Sylviane Nuccio, from and Allie from  for awarding me with the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  They could have nominated anyone and thought of me. (blush, blush, turning red)

My Nominations For The Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award:

Here are my 7 fresh nominations.

I recommend you check out these women. You’re sure to find someone new whom you can learn a thing or two from.

1-– Natalie Suisson: She teaches you to make money doing what you love from anywhere in the world.

2- – Lisa Stoops: The Queen of PLR Private Label Rights Material.

3-– Cigdem Kobu: Conversations with gutsy women on live and sustainable living

4-– aka Holistic Hot Sauce: Sarah O’Leary: Look radiant, feel vibrant & live your dreams ~ at midlife and beyond

5-– Ameena Falchetto: Creative Marketing solutions for creative people

6-– Natalia Fargasch Norman: Fun Hobby Electronics For Novice Makers

7- – Bill Dorman: Technically not a woman but…. He likes to complain like one. Just kidding.

Sylviane Nuccio

Hi Annie,

So great video! I loved it and, yes, you pronounced my name just fine.

Now, Bill? Hum…. is he a sister? But I’m sure he’ll be faltered anyway! :)

I don’t know if you are aware of it but the sound in your video is just fine at the beginning and at the end but the middle is very hard to hear.

You are master of the video, Annie. Great job! And totally HATE milk too :)
Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Monaco A Sovereign CityMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    Hi Sylviane,
    Thank you and yes i did notice that the sound was faded towards the end but only after i uploded it.

    I wonder if Bill will be flattered or offended? time will tell.


Loved it Annie, great video and you always make them so much fun. I learned a few new things about you.

Glad Sylviane and Allie nominated you. I have no doubt all your other sisters and Bill will appreciate that as well.

How fun!

Adrienne recently posted..Why I Will Not Share Your Blog PostsMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    LOL Adrienne,
    I was going to nominate you but you were already nominated 50 times so I opted to nominate some fresh blood that maybe others in this circle don’t know.

    Glad you liked the video too.

Bill Dorman

Halle freakin’ lujah….I knew if I bitched & moaned long & loud enough I would make it into the Sisterhood. Any party w/ girls is a good party indeed. I’m honored and proud to be part of this esteemed group. I will do them proud…:).

Lets get this party started….

Thanks for getting me through the door.
Bill Dorman recently posted..The potential to rock socksMy Profile

Oliver Tausend

Hi Annie,

what a lovely video, fun and entertaining to watch.

Now, what can I say ? The award is well deserved, not only because you have German beer in the fridge 😉

It’s also cool that I don’t know anyone of the girls you mentioned, including Bill. So I will take the time to check them out.


Oliver Tausend recently posted..Myths Of Personal Development – The Subconscious MindMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    I’m so glad i introduced 7 new people. Some of them, you probably won’t be interested in as they talk directly to women but a few on there will be of interest to you hopefully.

    And yes, i have german beer in the fridge. DId you hear the t.v. in the background too? It was the Olympics on the tele but in German since i’m in Berlin right now.

    p.s. I saw the most amazing thing in Berlin today. A beer bike. It was basically a big wagon with seats around it and pedals. But people could drink while pedaling. So funny to see.


Your video skills are getting better and better! Very impressed! And your daughter should win an Academy Award. :)
Benny recently posted..Stop Asking For Advice If You’re Just Gonna Waste People’s TimeMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    Thanks Benny, Video skills might be a useful thing to have. Someone asked me to make a video for them and offered to pay me a descent chunk of change but i declined for the moment. Maybe in the future when i gain more skills i’ll offer it as a service for bloggers who want to do something interesting with a video…

Tim Bonner

Hi Annie

I loved the video. Great fun! Especially loved that you chose Bill.

I’m not sure about the cold coffee though…

Brilliant post. Thanks for sharing it.

Tim Bonner recently posted..Is Your Website Blacklisted? Find Out Now!My Profile

    Annie Andre

    Hi Tim,
    I know, I know, the coffee thing is strange. I’m not sure why i now prefer coffee cool or cold. I think it might stem from the fact that i used to buy coffee and forget about it but feel obliged to dink it cold or not. Maybe i just got used to it being cold and now prefer it that way.

Dan Sumner

Hey Annie,

Well done and congrats on your nomination (trumpet noises).

I love milk Annie, I drink at least 1 pint everyday. Also scary movies freak me out!
But you did get me on cooking Thai food mmmmm love all Asian food :-)

Congrats to your nominees and to you Annie.

Loved the video too 😀
Dan Sumner recently posted..I’m Back and I Have a Kick Ass PlanMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    It does not surprise me that you like milk Dan. Not one bit:) But Asian Food? That surprised me.

Harleena Singh

Congratulations Annie!

I’m glad that Sylviane nominated you and you always do amaze me with those awesome videos – something I need to learn from you. :)

It’s always a pleasure to know more about you , whether through these posts or otherwise. I need to check out the others whom you passed on the torch to, who I’m sure would be as wonderful. :)

Thanks for sharing and wishing you all the best. :)
Harleena Singh recently posted..Should You Change Your LifeMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    Thank you Harleena. this was my first time being nominated for anything. I was so excited. silly me.


I take the nomination back. I love milk and my coffee NEEDS to be SUPER HOT! We can’t be friends now, at all.

Ha ha! I’ll let you pass if you cook me some awesome Asian food and play that Devo video again.

Cheers Sista!

Allie recently posted..The Sisterhood of the World Blogger is 7 More Strong Today!My Profile


Hi Annie,

Congratulations on the nomination and yes, lovely video!

And Bill got nominated, might be the best birthday gift this year! 😉

Nice knowing about you!
Hajra recently posted..Satisfying the Blogging SoulMy Profile


OK so you didn’t nominate me as a sister – I’ll get over it.

I know you only had 7 choices.

In fact I don’t want to be a sister.

Thanks for not nominating me – I prefer to carry a leather bound book thingy and wear elbow patches on my shorts. A sister could never do that.

Go for it Bill.

Anyways, I want to ask you to do the vid again – not because of the sound fluctuation but because I KNOW you have 7 more interesting things to tell than that!

No, it’s not just because you didn’t vote for me – seriously, I don’t wanna be a sister 😉 I’m a brother.
Alan recently posted..How To Learn ANYTHING (by Understanding How We Form Habits – Pt 2 of 2)My Profile

    Annie Andre

    Alan, all you had to do was ask. Bill was whining about not being nominated because he was of the male species. So be careful what you wish for. :)


Just love your videos! They are sooo fun. It was cool to learn more about you!
Lisa recently posted..An Interview With Ruth Pound On Kindle PublishingMy Profile


just love your videos! really impressive skills, but the only problem is the sound was loud and then soft, but I guess that covers you being a contradiction. 😉 Fun video!! I had no idea you were half Asian and your first language was technically Thai.. I’m the same way. My first language was a dialect of Filipino but I no longer speak it (basic and not conversational) and English is my only language really. It’s also cool to see a blogger I admire doing a blog meme. I used to get blog award memes back in my blogspot days and always thought they were kind of dumb but you made it work really well!
Janet recently posted..Online Business School – Interview & SpecialMy Profile


    also, I HATE milk! Except with oreos.
    and NOT in cereal either. I much prefer drinking rice milk or almond milk or soy milk. yumyum! I never drink milk and I’m not so brainwashed to think that this is the best source of calcium 😉
    Janet recently posted..Online Business School – Interview & SpecialMy Profile

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