The Secret To Long Term Travel and a Location Independent Lifestyle

Location Independent: free to work and live anywhere

Part 1 of 3 part series: I share the secret to long term travel and a location independent lifestyle.
Part 2: I share a little transparency a progress report where I show you what I’m doing to create my own sustainable location independent lifestyle and my other top goals while living in France.
Part 3: Is a showcase of families and individuals and their amazing stories who despite their own set of challenges, left their conventional lives behind to live a life of travel and exploration.

Location Independent: free to work and live anywhere

Location Independent Lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be great to pack up and leave the confines of your everyday life for a few months even a few years to explore the world or live abroad?

Wouldn’t it also be great to have a job that not only supported that lifestyle but that you could do from anywhere in the world?

Can’t you just picture it? Travelling to exotic places, living in France for a year, slow travelling through Asia or just travelling 2 or 3 months out of the year instead of a measly one or two week?

If you could do all that than you would be leading a “location independent lifestyle”

So……What’s stopping you?

Is it lack of Money?

Is it that you have a Family and kids?

Do you have too many bills a big mortgage?

Is it fear?

Is it your job?

No More Excuses

The fact of the matter is, it’s never been easier to live a location independent lifestyle.

Thousands of people are doing it, have done it and thousands more will do it in the future. These people are not smarter, richer or more adventurous than you. They’re not all young and carefree and they’re not hippies who couldn’t cut it in the real world either.

In fact, many of the people who choose to live a location independent lifestyle are a lot like you with similar circumstances, backgrounds may even share some of the same obstacles that you face in your own life.

So what’s their secret?

If they’re just like you and have similar circumstances what makes it possible for them to achieve their dream while others only dream about it?

3 simple things separate dreamers vs. doers. Pay close attention because these three things transcend to anything in your life.

  1. D-E-S-I-R-E

  2. A-C-T-I-O-N

  3. D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N

Did you year that?

That’s it..Without these three things you will never achieve your goal of long term travel or location independence. NEVER! If you know different than please feel free to prove me wrong by leaving a comment below.

In the mean time let me break it down for you.

1- Desire

There is a HUGE difference between a wish and a desire. That difference being  the quality of the craving or longing.  Take for instance these two phrases,

1- “I wish I could live in France” vs.

2- “ I want to live in France”.

The first is a a wish which implies it would be nice to achieve something but not necessary. The second is a desire and it gives a much stronger sense of longing. It’s usually an unsatisfied craving or longing that if not accomplished may lead to regret.

2- Action:

If you really DESIRE to do something than you have to take the first step, an action. ANY ACTION. Without that first step it’s nothing but an empty dream.

3- Determinations:

Desire and action are a good start but if you don’t have determination to deal with all the challenges, naysayers and unforeseen road blocks, you may feel defeated and stop. Not to mention the fact that it might take you several failed attempts before you succeed.

What Do You WANT?

So…. do you WISH or do you WANT to lead a location independent lifestyle? Are you willing to TAKE ACTION and are you DETERMINED to follow through?

 Click here to see my monthly report showing my progress to achieve location independence while living in France.



Desire. Check.
Action. Check. Check.
Determination. Check.

I feel so much better about myself 😉

YOU are the best.
Alan recently posted..How To Break The Vicious Circle Of Emotional EatingMy Profile


We just booked our first ticket and we are headed to Ireland on April 24th! Let the world travel adventure begin! :) I love your excitement and your spontaneity!
Meg recently posted..Sweat Until Your Forearms Drip!My Profile

    Annie Andre

    Meg this is amazing!! you’re lives will never be the same. We need to do a video interview while you guys are on the road. i think it will be a great way to inspire other people and show them all the hard work and planning that went into this to make it happen.

Harleena Singh

Absolutely loved your 3 points to action Annie!

There is indeed a lot of difference between wishing or wanting something. I think if you want anything, you would put everything of yours in wanting that thing – the need from within should arise.

But yes, in my case, its my family and kids who are in their teens now – that really stops us from moving out anyplace in-fact. I feel these are their crucial deciding years to choose their careers, and they are deeply into their studies and I just can’t really be selfish presently.

However, once they are on their own and I have a little free time in hand, traveling around is surely something that I am going to be doing. :)

Thanks so much for sharing :)
Harleena Singh recently posted..How to Not Fear Failure?My Profile

    Annie Andre

    Hello harleena,
    It is very tough to travel with teens. I can certainly understand you wanting to wait until the kids are on their own. Not everyone has the same needs and wants for their kids. ( i have two teens and 1 toddler).

    It was something we didn’t take lightly when we made our choice to live abroad but having said that it was for their education too. It was important for us to give them a chance to be fluent and even bilingual in French the mother tongue of my father and his relatives.
    Now that we are here there are positives and negatives but we are dealing with it.


Very valid points Annie and this is going to be a great series…

Okay so I don’t have the desire to move anywhere right now. Someday though but you’re going to laugh. I have NO idea where.

I remain where I am because of my Mom. As I’ve shared with you, I’m the caretaker of the family so I want to remain close to my Mom. I pray she lives for a very long time still but once she does leave this earth, I will be free to live anywhere I want.

I haven’t traveled the entire US and have only been to a few places outside the US. All I know is that I’m tired of this heat, the humidity and this flat landscape. I would like cooler temperatures but no harsh winters. I would love to live where there are some mountains or at least hills to see.

I don’t know if I’d be able to easily adapt to a whole new culture in another country. I certainly don’t want to learn a new language but I would love to travel more. I know, I’m a wimp…

But I love how brave you are and you go after what you want which is why I admire you so much. I get to live through you. For now, that’s good enough for me.

Adrienne recently posted..How To Add YouTube Annotations to Your VideosMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    You know Adrienne,
    I have a funny feeling that when the time is right you will be doing a lot of exploring.

    oh and the place you speak about sound a lot like the place where i lived for over 20 years. The bay area located in California.

    It also sounds a lot like Marseille weather too and landscape too.

    Thank you for all your support Adrienne. It means the world to me.. Really it does. hugs kisses and for Kayla too.


I can guarantee desire and the need to do more. What I haven’t done yet is convert desire into action.

That is primarily because of my kids and I am not the sole decision maker as to where we live.

But I expect that in the future this will change.
Jack recently posted..Sex, Lies & Blogging- The Post That Went ViralMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    Jack i can sympathize with your situation more than you know. I won’t get into the specifics of it but my two eldest sons are from my first marriage which lasted less than 6 years before the unravel. Moving the kids just 70 miles was a big deal let alone across country from California to the east coast and then across the ocean to Europe.

    So yes sometimes circumstances will make certain situations impossible although… nothing says you can’t take a summer off to ride elephants in Thailand. :) wink…

Sarah O

Oh, this hits home so perfectly Annie. I’d even take it Desire a step further. Not “I wish,” not “I want,” but “I will.”

When I make it something that must inevitably happen, then I’m naturally taking the action steps to get that reality in motion. And you are one of my greatest inspirations, Annie!

Thanks for spelling it out so directly and giving us a kick in the pants!
Sarah O recently posted..Milk Thistle: An Internal Spring CleaningMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    You are so right about. you CAN take it a step further from Wish, to want to WILL and even further to MUST!

    But you already knew all that sarah..


I think you hit the nail on the head with desire and the difference between wishing and wanting. It’s so true. It might seem like a small thing, but it can really change your attitude and thoughts about what you want. In fact I’d say that the first step to living abroad is to change that desire into something you need to have instead of just being something that would be nice to have.
Steve recently posted..Are You Remarkable or Forgettable?My Profile

    Annie Andre

    i think that must be it. Most people think its just a small thing. it’s just a word, wish vs want vs must but it’s also a state of mind that you have to believe like you said it’s attitude.
    thanks for sharing your thoughts steve.

Noch Noch

i’ve finally crystallized what i want, and how to get it. now i’m preparing for it. and when the time comes, i will be ready. just a few roadblocks out of my control that I need patience to wait out
i was frustrated with having to wait, but i know that the universe wants me to wait because in the mean time, i need to sharpen my skills to be ready to pounce! :)
Noch Noch
Noch Noch recently posted..why “work-life” balance? advocating a 3.5 day weekendMy Profile

    Annie Andre

    Noch Noch, love your “attitude”. I think you will definitely make things happen. You’ve already jumped over so many hurdles that i believe nothing can stand in your way.. I’ll be rooting for you to


Hey Annie – thanks for spreading the word on this on behalf of families. I always love getting reassurance that LI isn’t only for the young and single.
John recently posted..Best Personal Finance Writing – Week 18My Profile

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