Video showing what we travelled with for one year before moving to France

Back when we were transitioning from our comfy suburban lifestyle and before we decided to move to France, we had no permanent home for one year. Here is a look at how much stuff we travelled with.  


In case you are new hear and don’t know our story, here’s a recap of our situation. It’s very, very, very condensed…..

After losing our jobs in California and being unemployed for a couple of years, we left our home in search of jobs on the east coast in August of 2010. We ended up selling a bunch of our stuff and putting the rest in storage until we could find jobs on the east coast. We set up camp with my aunt in Montreal for most a year looking for jobs.

We occasionally made the journey to see my husband sister in Maryland, about a 14 hour drive.  In this video I show you what our family of 5 travels with.

To get you up to speed: here are a few should read.

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Vitaly Tennant

Thanks for sharing your story Annie. You mentioned Costa Rica. It is a wonderful place that’s full of activities and just that whole “green” feel with wildlife everywhere. I know a lot of internet marketers live over there … and they love it! I actually have a lot of ties there if you are ever truly interested in making it a reality.
But this kind of reminds me of that family on Rise to the top blog that sold everything and moved later to become very successful, just gotta follow your passion wisely.
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    Annie Andre

    Hey Vitaly,
    I think you are talking about Adam Baker from Man VS. Debt…

    I Thanks for the encouragement. we’re still trying to make it a dream to live abroad as a family. I’ve done it before i had kids the challenge now it to do it as a family with no jobs.. Crossing my fingers..

    If we do decide to make it a go to Costa Rica, i might have to hit you up for some contacts. :)


that’s quite an interesting post annie
thank you :)


Hi Annie,

I did watch the video all the way through and enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for sharing your story with us and me a bit earlier.

I also agree that no matter what your circumstances are right now, you still have your family and it sounds like you are have a great family at that. You will always have a place to stay as you travel around deciding what the next step is. In the meantime, glad you are updating us about your adventures. My hats off to you.

Have a blessed day and a fabulous week.

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    Annie Andre

    Thank you so much Adrienne,
    I can’t wait to see what happens to our lives. It’s a far cry from our old suburban life.

    Reading about your story and others with similar stories really are inspiring and i hope that i will inspire others to travel the road less traveled..

Kaarina Dillabough

How. Do . You. Do. It?

I am simply blown away (and late to the party too)

Your vlog is fabulous, and your adventure: awe-inspiring. Even more so when I went to your site. HOW do you manage to create those sleep masks on the road? And the little video you have on that site: superduper!

Wishing you cooler weather in Maryland, and “cool” adventures every day. Cheers! Kaarina
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    Annie Andre

    Hi Kaarina,

    Thank you.. It’s been a challenge to make the sleeping masks while travelling. I had to close my shop and had my online shop closed for a bit because i couldn’t keep up with the orders. But, somehow it all just works out when you are following your dreams and passions.

    Plus, i can make my masks in my sleep now. Hahah get it. In my sleep and i make sleeping masks. Oh my, bad humour. I really must get more sleep..

    Thanks for checking out the video. I really enjoyed making it. You should do more yourself… I think you have good stage presence. :)


Hey Annie,
It sounds like your crew is doing great. We miss you here in Montreal. I watched your video to the end :)
Have a wonderful trip and don’t forget to write now and then.


Diane etal.

    Annie Andre

    Oh i miss you and believe it or not Andre too. It’s been a crazy 3 weeks since we left Montreal. Non stop. I’m also selling a bunch of things that i have in storage at Blakes sisters house which is time consuming and taking up much of my time. But money is money right.

    We are planning on making a small video today or tomorrow to say hi to everyone. I actually feel a little HOMESICK? from Montreal. I’m missing it badly isn’t that crazy? I miss canada more than i miss Calirnia where i’ve lived for most of my adult life.. Oh well.. Home is where the heart is.

    Last night we were looking at video’s made while at your house. The one where catherine was playing with those two talking dogs you got for your wedding i think.. WHAHHHHHHHHHHH.

    love and kisses.



Hey Annie! Found your blog through a mutual friend Rob Ludlow. Love the video! It’s awesome to find you because we have a similar story but I won’t get into that now. Anyway thanks so much for the inspiration and I look forward to following your adventures:)
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    Annie Andre

    Rob emailed me yesterday and told me he was talking with you. Rob and i used to work together as you probably know. He’s my chicken guy. Anyway, i love rob. I was surprised and thrilled to hear he was trying to hit the road with the kids.

    Needless to say, i don’t have any face to face friends who are doing what we (you and our families) are doing. LOL, to each his own right??

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